Special Attractions:

Unionville Features:
Church, School, Farmer's Bank, Fire &
Police Station, Saloon, Tractor Repair
Shop, Barbershop, Post Office, Print
Shop, Blacksmith Shop, History House,
General Store, Shoe & Harness Shop,
Sawmill, Welcome Barn, & a
Water-Powered Feed/Grist Mill!

Big Fairbanks Morse Engines,
Combining Grains, Engines Running,
Threshing Grain, Bailing, Rock
Crushing, Shelling & Grinding,
Plowing, Sawing Logs & Shingles,
Silo Filling, Blacksmithing, Rug Weaving,
Wool Spinning, & our
National Antique Tractor Pull!

Weekend Activities:
Quilt Display in the Church
Wool Spinners all 3 Days in the Log Cabin

Antique Steam Engines, Gas Tractors,
Gas Engines, Oil Pulls, Old Log Houses,
Old Farm Machinery Exhibits, & Farm
Machinery Museum